About Us

As parents, when we take the time carefully label, fold and ever so carefully place the well-marked and clean items into their duffel bags.  Along come the trucks to cart the bags away and from there we really never know happens to the items we spent several weeks organizing.  Items get stacked onto shelves and immediately fall upon the floor or get tucked away in a far corner of shelf not to be seen until it is time to repack the duffel bags to go home.

 After witnessing our own children's cubbies for several years, we knew there had to be a simpler way to keep things organized.  CubbyCubes was born to help the kids find their items in their cubbies and eliminate what happens after they grab the bottom shirt from the pile and everything else topples over.

 We searched what was available in packing cubes out there and couldn't find a product that met our needs.  We found that the zippers and handles were on the wrong side, we had no place to label the cubes, some weren't strong and we wanted the mesh to easily show what was inside the cube.  So after a long frustrating search, we decided to manufacture our own cubes.  This led to the birth of CubbyCubes.

 Great for kids going to camp, ideal for keeping clothes clean in sports and dance bags or for our family travel.   we hope you find them as useful as we do.