Recommended Sets

The Basic Jr.- perfect for campers 10 and under

2 sets of 3

Most campers 10 and under will just need something as simple as 2 sets of 3 cubes.  In the large cubes you can put sheets in one, pajamas in the other.  The mediums are perfect for shorts in one, swim suites in the other.  The smalls are great for kids socks and underwear.


The Basic Sr. - for the campers just a little older

4 Larges 

2 Mediums

1 Medium or Small

4 Large cubes for sheets, pajamas, t-shirts and shorts.  One medium gets socks, the other gets bathing suits.  Then just one small or medium for underwear  

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The Joey - Using it to max

4 Large

5 Medium

1 Small

In the large ones go linens, pajamas, t-shirts and sweatpants.  The mediums rocked the socks, shorts, bathing suites, dress up clothes, tank tops.  The small got the underwear. 

Get The Joey


Get Going

Socks in a medium or small

Underwear in a medium or small

Bathing suites in a medium

Shorts in a medium or large