Cubby Cubes - The Basic Jr


2 sets of 3

Most campers 10 and under will just need something as simple as 2 sets of 3 cubes.  In the large cubes you can put sheets in one, pajamas in the other.  The mediums are perfect for shorts in one, swim suites in the other.  The smalls are great for kids socks and underwear.

 for sheets, pajamas, t-shirts and shorts.  One medium gets socks, the other gets bathing suits.  Then just one small or medium for underwear  


Large Size: 46 X 33 X 9cm - 18.11 X 12.99 X 3.54in

Medium Size: 35.5 X 29 X 9cm - 13.97 X 9.84 X 3.54in

Small Size: 28 X 17 X 9cm - 11.02 X 6.69 X 3.54in


All CubbyCubes in a set must be in the same colour

All sets come in 1 colour - Multi colour sets need to be ordered separately

All items are shipped within 1 - 3 business days and are shipped via UPS.  Orders in Ontario and Quebec will most likely delivered the day after pick up.  You will receive an e-mail with the tracking information.

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