Cubby Cubes - The Basic SR with Medium


4 Larges 

3 Mediums

4 Large cubes for sheets, pajamas, t-shirts and shorts.  One medium gets socks, the other gets bathing suits.  Then just one small or medium for underwear  


Large Size: 46 X 33 X 9cm - 18.11 X 12.99 X 3.54in

Medium Size: 35.5 X 29 X 9cm - 13.97 X 9.84 X 3.54in

Small Size: 28 X 17 X 9cm - 11.02 X 6.69 X 3.54in


All CubbyCubes in a set must be in the same colour

All sets come in 1 colour - Multi colour sets need to be ordered separately

All items are shipped within 1 - 3 business days and are shipped via UPS.  Orders in Ontario and Quebec will most likely delivered the day after pick up.  You will receive an e-mail with the tracking information.

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